boca grande beach film | personal

Summer is officially winding down, so I figured it was time to share some of the frames I shot while on vacation back in June.  I've been visiting Boca Grande every year since I was seven, and every time I'm there I am refreshed and overtaken with the beauty of the sea.  I've taken hundreds of photos of this special place, but these are some of my favorites.  I recently bought a film camera to challenge myself and slow me down.  Digital is great and I will always be shooting with that medium professionally, but going back to film and remembering "the old days" was really nostalgic and fun.  I will say having to wait for the the scans was not fun :) I left not only being reflective and rested personally, but also professionally.  I am overwhelmed with the power of capturing and creating with photography and will be forever grateful for this gift.  If you see any frames that you would like to purchase, be sure to check out THE SHOP! I know I will need to print a few of these out to warm up my drafty office this winter ;)