5 Year Anniversary | Personal

Happy Friday everyone, and happy anniversary to my sweet husband!  My dear friend + co host of our upcoming workshop, Haley Sheffield, took these photos of us a few weeks ago to help us celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary.  Before I even looked through the photos I knew I was going to like them because Haley is amazing and we had the perfect location and I wore one of my favorite skirts.  As a photographer, I am always scouting, always planning, looking at colors and textures and I love it.  Because I am rarely in front of the camera and typically behind it, I get caught up in the beauty of the visual and forget to appreciate the beauty of the emotion.  Yes these photos are aesthetically pleasing and I love everything about them visually; however, as I sifted through all of the photos to select a few of my favorites to share, I was overcome by the emotional impact that they have on me.  For me, these photos have so much more meaning and depth that even our beautiful wedding photos have, which is crazy to think!  I am a firm believer that you "marry a stranger" no matter how well you know your fiancé and after five years of trying our best to live out our vows, I now get why people renew them.  A friend told me that she thought our anniversary photos were beautiful in the emotional sense, because they not only have hope, but history.  Where engagement and wedding photos contain only the hope, these anniversary photos also contain the history, which tells an even deeper story.  So, my challenge to myself and to you is to grab the one you love and get more portraits taken.  I promise you will love them and treasure them more than anything.  Thank you, Haley, for capturing us and telling the story of our marriage.  We love them all, but here are a few of our faves :

all photos by Haley Sheffield |  more from our shoot here | come join our photography class