Photo of the Week | Bubble Portrait

As you may have noticed around here, one of my business goals for 2014 is to blog more.  And thanks to my new website and blog host, blogging is so much easier and even dare-I-say enjoyable.  Last Friday, I hosted my first ever giveaway, which was fun and new and exciting.  Thank you to those who entered, and supported, whether through the blog post or Instagram.  Another new thing that I would like to add to the blog is a photo of the week post.  There are so many great parts to my job, and editing and revealing the end result is one of them.  Sometimes I get so backed up that photos go unshared as time marches on.  There have been so many times that I have been editing and it just feels wrong not to share a photo.  It's almost like I am keeping a big secret (and to be honest, while keeping a secret is possible for me, it is not one of my strengths and I just hate it!).  So, my new endeavor is sharing a favorite photo of the week with you on the blog.  I can't promise that this will be every week, but I will try to share them as often as possible. First up, I give you this precious little girl chasing bubbles at the end of her family's portrait session.  I may just have to invest in some bubbles for all my little clients.  Kudos to her awesome mom for having these handy!