Skyline Photo Adventure | Personal

One of the many things I love about living in a big city is having a pretty skyline.  I have wanted to go on a photo adventure and capture different views of the city for a while now.  After many gray and nasty winter days, the sun finally came out a few Sundays ago and I immediately started thinking about the photos that I wanted to take.  I even convinced my sweet husband to be my side kick for the afternoon and take some new headshots for me.  We had so much fun driving around looking for the best spots to view our city.  We ended up on the historic Jackson Street Bridge just in time for the beautiful sunset.  As golden hour began, photographers of all ages ventured to the bridge and got ready to capture sunset.  It was a neat feeling to look around and see all different sorts of people trying to capture the beauty of the sunset over Atlanta.  Below are my favorite shots from our skyline photo adventure.