Tampa Engagement Photographer | Anna Lynn and Raleigh Proposal

Shooting proposals is always really exciting for me; and let's be honest - completely nerve racking too!  I love talking with the groom-to-be and planning everything out and then anxiously awaiting for this sweet moment in time where their two lives will change forever.  The promise of the future and the joy of starting a new adventure together is such an honor to capture.  Over Thanksgiving, I had the privilege of getting to shoot another proposal.  This one was definitely extra special since it was for my sister and her about to be fiancé! When Raleigh came to Atlanta and told us that he was going to propose, I of course was ecstatic and so overwhelmed with joy for him and my sister.  We were all going to be in Tampa with our family for Thanksgiving, so the timing was going to be perfect.  Being the photographer in the family, I figured I would be getting to take some pictures, but I was so excited when Raleigh asked me to photograph the actual proposal.  I don't think either of us slept much the night before he popped the question! I'm so thankful that she didn't see me in the bushes and down on the shore and that I was able to capture these beauties.  Looking forward to taking their engagement photos soon!